Our Board of Directors. Leaders since 1861

These policyholders are sworn in, and are responsible for ensuring that the company is headed in the right direction. Our Directors are very active and deep-rooted in the community. The members of the 2019 Board include:

webBD2Shawn Van Sickle
webBD4Jayne Carman
webBD7_cropRobert Chambers
webBD1Bill Emmott
webBD3Dolores Hallett
webBD5Barbie Van Allen
webJeffB1Jeff Barnard

A look back at previous board of directors… Over a century of leadership

1958 Board of Directors

(Left to Right) Jim Howell, Jim Oliver, Stan Seaton, Earl Durham, George VanSickle, Howard Edy

Directors 1891 County of Brant Farmers Mutual Fire Insurance Company

(Back Row) John H. Campbell, John Ramsey, WM. Key, WM. Roddick, John Miller, Thomas Lloyd Jones, James Harley, WM. Devlin.
(Front Row) Manuel Freeman, Alexander McIrvine, W.R. Brown, WM. Turnbull, WM. Edmundson.


Brant Mutual Insurance Board of Directors 2015

Wayne Kensit, William Emmott, Barbie Van Allen, Jason Cybulski (Past President), Jayne Carman, Robert Chambers, Pat VanSickle



Brant Mutual Insurance Board of Directors 2019

Barbie Van Allen, Robert Chambers, Jayne Carman, Jason Cybulski (Past President/CEO), William Emmott, Wayne Kensit, Shawn VanSickle