Rental Ownership Insurance

When you own a residential rental property, you’ve got unique coverage needs. You need to know what’s covered and how to assess your risk. That’s where your insurance advisor from Ontario Mutuals comes in.

There’s rental ownership insurance, then there’s mutual rental ownership insurance.

Understanding Residential Rental Property Insurance with Ontario Mutuals

When you own a residential rental property, unique coverage needs arise. Knowing what's covered and how to assess risks is crucial. Ontario Mutuals steps in to provide the necessary guidance through their experienced insurance advisors.

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Equipment Breakdown Coverage

Safeguard your investments with our equipment breakdown coverage. We understand the importance of your machinery and equipment, offering protection against unexpected failures to minimize financial impact.

Sewer/Sump Backup Coverage

Unforeseen incidents like sewer or sump backups can result in significant damage. Our coverage addresses these specific risks, ensuring that you are protected against the potential costs associated with such events.

Pollution Liability Coverage

Environmental considerations are increasingly important. Our pollution liability coverage offers protection against the financial consequences of pollution incidents, providing you with peace of mind as you navigate potential environmental challenges.

Earthquake Coverage

In regions prone to seismic activity, having earthquake coverage is vital. Our policy provides financial security in the aftermath of an earthquake, helping you rebuild and recover.

Increased Limits or Scope of Crime Coverage

Tailor your coverage to meet your specific needs with increased limits or expanded scope of crime coverage. We provide flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances and evolving risks, ensuring your protection remains robust.

Insurance Coverage Options

Tailored Protection for Every Risk

  • Building Coverage

    Our building coverage provides comprehensive protection for your property. With broad form coverage, we ensure a wide range of risks are accounted for. Accidental breakage of glass and signs, fire department charges, and coverage for by-laws and code compliance are all integral components of our building coverage.

  • Contents Coverage

    Our contents coverage is designed to safeguard the valuable items within your property. Boasting broad form coverage and replacement cost considerations, we strive to protect your possessions comprehensively.

  • Loss of Income Coverage

    Unexpected events can disrupt your rental income. Our loss of income coverage steps in to replace the income that cannot be collected due to damage or destruction caused by insured incidents. We prioritize providing financial support during challenging times.

  • Crime Coverage

    Protecting your financial assets is paramount. Our crime coverage addresses the specific risk of robbery concerning collected rent payments, whether made in cash or by cheque. This ensures that your income is shielded from criminal activities.

  • Liability Coverage

    Premises liability is a crucial aspect of property ownership. Our liability coverage offers protection in case of accidents or incidents on your property, providing you with peace of mind and financial security.

Tailored Insurance, Transparent Pricing

No surprises, just personalized insurance solutions that fit your life and budget.