Insurance Products

Brant Mutual offers its trusted insurance products through our team of in-house account executives as well as independent brokerages.

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Residential Insurance

Your home is more than just a building; it's where life happens. Our Residential Insurance policies are designed to protect your sanctuary against the unexpected. From property damage to liability coverage, we ensure your home, and the memories within it, are safeguarded.

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Commercial Insurance

Your enterprise embodies ambition, not just an occupation. Our Commercial Insurance policies defend against unpredictable business tides. From property damage to operational disruptions, we protect your vision and its success.


Rental Ownership Insurance

Your rental property is a gateway to growth, not just an asset. Our Rental Ownership Insurance mitigates risks to shield your investment. From tenant damage to legal liabilities, we ensure its profitability and future.

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Agricultural Insurance

Your farm reflects your heritage, not just your business. Our Agricultural Insurance policies are specially formulated to guard against the uncertainties of farming and agriculture. From crop loss to equipment damage, we ensure the continuity of your agricultural legacy and the sustenance it provides.

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Automobile Insurance

Your car is an extension of your life’s journey, not merely a means to get from point A to B. Our Auto Insurance policies offer comprehensive protection against life’s detours. From collision coverage to comprehensive protection, we keep your mobility, and the freedom it affords, fully guarded.

Your Protection, Our Priority

Discover how easy it is to protect what matters most to you. Affordable, reliable insurance solutions.