The Mutual Way

Leaders since 1861

Financial stability is essential for Ontario Insurance companies. We only write business in Ontario and we are well insulated from the risk situations around the globe.

There's insurance, then there's mutual insurance.

Premiums stay where they do the most good — in your community.

With Mutuals, premiums stay in the community, employing neighbours, supporting the local economy and giving back. We invest in local projects and support what matters most to our policyholders. We’ve been buying local for generations, and community spirit has been part of our style for more than 150 years.

You’re more than a policyholder, you have a voice.

Let it be heard. When you buy a policy, you automatically become a member of that company. That means you have a voice in important issues like electing a board of directors.

We’re people-centred, not call-centred.

You will always be treated like a person, not a number. Whenever you have a question or a claim, someone you know and trust will be right there to help. It’s not the way every insurance company does business, but it’s the Mutuals way.

The Mutual Difference

Small, but mighty.

Ontario Mutuals are more than 40 independent insurance companies that grew in the small towns and rural areas that form the backbone of our province. But don’t let our small size fool you. Together, we represent one of the strongest, most secure financial networks in the world.

Rooted in your community, we've sheltered generations.

The spirit of mutual insurance is woven into the fabric of every community. It’s the spirit of coming together for the greater good. While many of our member companies began as farm mutuals in the mid 1800s, today we offer a full range of home, auto, commercial and farm insurance tailored to protect you and your family.

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Join a community where every policyholder has a stake. Experience insurance that’s built on trust, shared responsibility, and mutual respect.