Agricultural Insurance

Growing prosperity: tailored agricultural insurance solutions to safeguard your farming legacy.

There’s agricultural insurance, then there’s mutual agricultural insurance.

Ontario Mutuals Offers

Brant Mutual offers its trusted insurance products through our team of in-house account executives as well as independent brokerages.

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Legacy of Farm Insurance in Ontario

For over 150 years, Ontario Mutuals have been at the forefront of insuring farms in the province. This enduring legacy distinguishes us, as there is no other insurance company in Canada that can match our extensive experience and profound understanding of agri-business risks. Our long-standing commitment to the agricultural community sets us apart, providing a unique and unparalleled level of insurance expertise.

Mitigating Risks in Agri-Business with Mutuals Difference

In the complex landscape of farming, where challenges arise from accidents and the unpredictable forces of Mother Nature, having the right insurance coverage is paramount. Ontario Mutuals go beyond mere coverage; we offer the Mutuals difference. This signifies not just protection but a comprehensive approach to managing risks, tailored to the specific needs of the agricultural sector. The Mutuals difference is about providing a level of understanding and support that makes all the difference in safeguarding your farm against unforeseen events.

Comprehensive Farm Insurance Coverage

Tailored Protections for Every Aspect of Your Agricultural Enterprise

  • Farm Dwellings

    Including coverage for personal property, living expenses, and personal effects.

  • Outbuildings

    Ensuring the protection of essential structures on your farm

  • Livestock and Produce

    Safeguarding your valuable assets in agriculture.

  • Machinery and Equipment

    Providing coverage for essential tools integral to your operations.

  • Limited Pollution Liability

    Addressing potential environmental risks.

  • Livestock Mortality (Cattle & Horses)

    Including coverage for personal property, living expenses, and personal effects.

  • Farming Supplies Coverage

    Protecting your agricultural produce and supplies.

  • Potential Loss of Income Following an Insured Property Loss

    Mitigating financial impacts in case of unexpected property loss.

  • Personal Liability

    Extending coverage to protect against personal liabilities.

  • Liability Coverage for Your Farm Operation

    Ensuring comprehensive protection for your entire farm enterprise.

Grow With Confidence

Farming faces its own set of challenges, but your insurance shouldn’t be one. Protect your livelihood with policies designed for the realities of agricultural life.