Residential Property Insurance

It’s about more than price – it’s about the most cost-effective way to protect your home, your belongings and your peace of mind if you accidentally injure someone else.

There’s home insurance, then there’s mutual home insurance.

Ontario Mutuals Offers

Brant Mutual offers its trusted insurance products through our team of in-house account executives as well as independent brokerages.

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Insurance on your home

that’s flexible and adaptable to your lifestyle. You can add coverage for things like swimming pools and outdoor equipment, trees, plants and patios. There’s even a Guaranteed Rebuilding Cost option for you to consider.

Additional living expenses

if your home is damaged because of an insured loss and you can’t live in it, we’ll cover the extra expense of living away from home while your house is being repaired.

Home contents and personal property protection

talk to your Ontario Mutuals sales professional about special coverage for jewelry, fine arts, collectibles, tools and more. And, we offer handy features like the option to protect your student’s property while away from home.

Public liability protection

if someone sues you because you accidentally injured them or damaged their property, we can defend you and pay any losses you’re legally liable for.

Enhance Your Safety and Security with Our Proactive Loss Prevention Services

Discover How Our Specialized Programs Can Protect Your Assets and Reduce Risks

  • On-site Inspections

    Experience comprehensive safety with our thorough on-site inspections, designed to identify and mitigate potential risks before they become problems.

  • Fire Extinguisher Programs

    Ensure readiness against fire hazards with our specialized fire extinguisher programs.

  • Theft-Reduction Strategies

    Protect your property from theft through our expertly crafted theft-reduction strategies, tailored to address specific vulnerabilities and enhance security.

More Important Features

Comprehensive Coverage for Your Peace of Mind: Safeguarding More Than Just the Basics

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Protection Against Fraud for Your Credit/Debit Cards and Cheques

Stay secure against financial fraud with our robust protection plans covering your credit/debit cards and cheques, ensuring peace of mind in your financial transactions.

Coverage on the Contents of Your Freezer if It Breaks Down

Worry less about the unexpected with our unique coverage for the contents of your freezer, protecting you against loss due to appliance breakdowns.

Cleanup Coverage if Gas, Oil or Other Pollutant is Accidentally Spilled on Your Property

Handle environmental accidents with confidence, thanks to our cleanup coverage for accidental spills of gas, oil, or other pollutants on your property, safeguarding both your land and your liability.

Secure Your Peace of Mind Today

Don’t wait for the unexpected. Get comprehensive coverage tailored to your needs now.